November 5

Terminator :)

The Terminator


Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator

Michael Biehn plays Kyle Reese.

Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Connor.


Running time: 108 minutes.

Budget: $6.4 million.

Release date: October 26, 1984.


The setting was filmed in Los Angeles.



The terminator is a cyborg and gets sent from the past into the future to stop Sarah Connor from having her baby.

Terminator is based the post-apocalyptic of 2029. The terminator goes in search to kill ‘Sarah Connor’ and kills two before the real Sarah works out she has to leave town.

Kyle Reese is sent to save Sarah Connor and he is a normal human.

Kyle and Sarah escape to a motel where the terminator tracks them down and the terminator gets caught in a explosion from a gasoline tank truck.

At the end of the movie they travel to Mexico and Sarah is pregnant and she records voice tapes she wants to give to her unborn child. She isn’t sure if she should tell him that Kyle is the father.

How it could be improved:

I don’t think this movie could be improved from when it was made in 1984.


How I felt during movie:

I was the laughing about how good the terminator is and how he couldn’t die after the got shot in the face by a shot gun.



My favorite part in the movie when the Terminator is getting chased by all the cop cars into the tunnel and he gets shot by and shot gun and survives and disappears.

September 17

Letter from Hahona to Thomas :)

Letter from Hahona to Thomas.

Dear Thomas.

Hey bro, how are things going at your place?

I’ll be back at school on Tuesday and we can hang out at lunch and that bro.

I get my cast off in about 10 days, I’m keen as because there’s going to be a wicked as scar that looks like a shark bite bro.

How’s your mum going bro? I hope she gets better soon as bro.

I’ll buy some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts so we can smash them at recess bro.

I hope you stop smoking because it’s very bad for you lungs bro.

From your bro, Hahona 🙂