October 17


5 things you should know

  • How to drive quickly without crashing.
  • How to shoot blokes.
  • How to rob places.
  • How to finish mission with the best possible score.
  • How to find all the hidden spaceship parts.
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August 6

The Week That Was…..

Last week the year 10 students all went and did work experience. Us year 9’s weer left at school and the three things I learnt were:

  • How to blow stuff up in Minecraft.
  • How to do direct numbers and when two negative make a positive.

My highlight of the week was getting Friday off to play cod and go to mates joint.

My main challenge last week was getting out of bed and getting ready for school.

Last week we had the Chinese students come into our gaming class and we played Minecraft with them and it was pretty good.

The Chinese visit was successful, they all had a good time seeing how Australia works and they went to see the Grampians.

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