September 6

Biodiversity :)

Biodiversity 🙂
1. Why do scientists classify organisms into groups and how do they do this? So they can tell the different between different animals and different types of animals.
2. Why is it important to identify living organisms and give them a unique name? Scientists can find out more about the animal and so other scientists know what their talking about.
3. Give one example each of the services, products and social benefits of biodiversity. Horse’s pulling a cart. Bee’s making honey. Guide dogs helping people who can’t see.
4. Tell me what you learnt about doing the animal project. What did you enjoy or dislike about the project? What was the most difficult part? What could you have done better? I enjoyed researching about the animal, and learning new things. The hardest part was finding some information. I think I could have got more information and got a few more photos.
5. Why are even annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes important in our environment? Because they keep the food chain going right and if they get extinct it may cause other bugs to do things people don’t want.

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March 21

cyber saftey

  • I learnt that if something sounds to good to be true it most likey is.
  • The guy told us if someone you dont know trys to talk to you, you dont talk back.
  • he said you can only see whats on the screan.
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