March 8

my christmas holiday



It too early to get up but its Christmas and I want to open all my presents, my eyes opened within 2 seconds and I look at the clock and it was 5 past 8, and went down the hall way and I hit the wall as I walked out the door, when I got to the kitchen and I opened about 5 presents and I got 3 DVD’s and other stuff, I don’t really remember.

For lunch we went to my sisters and we stayed there for about 3 to 5 hours, lunch was very good, we had chicken, turkey, baked potato, and all the other stuff,  I got a sleeping bag from my sister it was about 210 cm long and 80 cm wide, and my brother gave me a lynx fever thing, it has a can of deodorant and 2 other things in it but I don’t remember them.

We went home for tea and we had tea and opened the last of our presents, I got a wii game harry potter and the half blood prince and it got this thing were you freeze some water of cordial and you make it a slushy,   and went to bed at like mid night.


B-rads Birthday


B-rads birthday was on the Friday the 28 of January, brad got an electric guitar with and amp, he got a harry potter Lego set of the train and the flying car.

Me and my sister got him a 2 kilo thing of nutella that we typed up with lots of sticky tape.

My cousin’s came out and I got my Face book profile picture.


The Boxing Day test match


I stayed at home and watched the cricket most of the day, because it was a bit hot, I got a big bucket of m’m’s from Santa and I eat them, red and green m’m’s.


The rest of the holidays


The rest of the holidays I didn’t do all that much, played at lot of cricket, and relaxed lots to.

After Christmas, outdoor cricket started again and there were only about 5 games left but we got 4 games, because we played a whole game on a Sunday, from 10 to about 3:30, 4:00. I my 9 in the 2 bats I had, I made 4 off 2 balls in the 1st go and 5 off about 7 balls in the 2nd.

I balled 5 over’s 1 for 6, and we won.

About 1 or 2 weeks after that game school started again.


                                The end

                           Of my